A Material That Does not Burn Even When it is Red Hot

By Anupum Pant

HRSI tiles are an amazing feat of engineering. HRSI, or High-temperature Reusable Surface Insulation tiles are pieces of ceramic made from extremely pure form of silica and is about 94% air – which is also the reason it is very light, can weigh as less as 9 pounds per cubic foot. But that’s not what the most amazing part about this material.

These tiles dissipate heat extremely quickly. Also, they don’t expand or contract a lot on heating and cooling. So, even if a red hot tile is quenched in water, it doesn’t get damaged. The best part is you can pick these tiles up with your bare hands even after they are freshly out of a 2300 degree F furnace. Imagine picking up red hot ceramic tiles without burning your hand.

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