Nine Principles to Living 100+

By Anupum Pant

In his ted talk, Dan shares the story of Ellsworth Wareham, a 100 year old multi millionaire who lives in Loma Linda, California. The story goes…

One day Mr. Wareham wanted to get a fence made. And to get it done professionally, he began talks with a contractor who asked for a hefty price of $6000. This wasn’t agreeable to him. So he decided to go ahead and do the arduous task of carrying heavy wooden raw material and building it himself – all alone. The next day, he ended up in the ICU. The twist in the story comes when you find out that he wasn’t in the ICU as a patient, instead as the 100-year old heart surgeon. Dr. Ellsworth Wareham is one of the first persons to ever have performed open heart surgery and his experience still is invaluable.

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The Mysterious Lake

By Anupum Pant

Lac de Gafsa of “Mysterious lake” just like it is named, mysteriously appeared in the Tunisian town of Gafsa in 2014. In a place where there was only sand and was suffering from a major drought, this 2 acre lake, 10 meters deep, came as a surprise for locals and tourists as well. People started flocking it and taking dips in this young mysterious lake.

It’s said that seismic activity gave birth to this lake. Some said that the water in it was radioactive due to the phosphate mining that was going around that place. When it first appeared it was turquoise and then soon turned green due to uncontrolled algae growth.
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