Changing the Eye Colour

By Anupum Pant

Just like the colour of our skin is determined by the presence of melanin in it, the colour of your eye is also determined by the same thing. The presence of melanin makes your eyes black or brown coloured and the absence of it makes them blue. So, every one on the inside is white and has blue eyes.

Now, for most people the colour of their eye is not a problem. But for people who have heterochromia – a difference in colouration, usually of the iris but also of hair or skin – it’s a different story. Who’d want to have their eyes of different colours. They sure would like to get this difference corrected.

StrĊma Medical, a company from California though of exactly that. In the year 2011 they announced a device that could help patients get their irregular eye colouration corrected. Changing brown eye colour to blue is really a breeze with their method. However, changing from green to blue is tougher. Theoretically, green can be changed to blue too. All of it by vaporizing pigments of your iris using a laser.

More about it here [Link]

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