Do Not Disturb

By Anupum Pant

Nitrogen tri-iodide (NI3) is a contact explosive. It’s like nitroglycerin but much more sensitive than that. Unlike nitroglycerin, this doesn’t require to be hit by a hammer to explode. That means, the compound is so unstable that even a slight touch will make it explode. It’s so sensitive to disturbance that a mosquito flying off of this powder will detonate it.

Here’s a demonstration in the video below…

Now one thing that comes to mind when you see something like this is that how must have the person in this video handled it and put it on paper. How is it even made in the first place. The video doesn’t tell you that part.

The answer is fairly simple. A more stable solution of this substance is allowed to stand while the liquid evaporates. It leaves only the powder on the table. And when it is touched, it goes off. The making part of it can be seen here.

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