Intelligent Elephants

By Anupum Pant

Elephants are amazing creatures with an amazing memory. It is often said “an elephant never forgets”. Also elephants display intelligent behaviour all the time. They have an astounding capacity to tackle novel and unforeseen circumstances by rapid and effective change of behaviour. Here’s what happened once in India.

An elephant was ordered to follow a truck and was designated a task of lowering logs into holes that were already dug. It was doing the allotted task nicely, when suddenly it stopped. The animal refused to put in this new log that was supposed to be lowered into a hole. It held the log up in the air and waited. When the elephant mahaout went out to check what was wrong, he found a dog was sleeping inside the hole. Only when the dog was shooed away by the mahaout, the elephant went ahead and lowered the log in there.

But that is just one of those many instances when an elephant showed such flexible behaviour. The video below talks about more such instances. And you can read more here [Link]

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