magnetic putty toy

It Sure is Magnetic, But is it Solid or Liquid?

By Anupum Pant

Figuring out if glass is a solid or liquid is pretty straight forward. This putty in the video however, behaves a lot like pitch (the same thing that was used for the world’s longest continuously running experiment). On applying a greater and abrupt impact, it shatters like a ceramic. While it flows like a liquid if you let it. But that is not even the point.

The point is, it can be magnetized! And it sure is another one of those awesome science toys you can have on your desk all the time. By the way, the other ones are Gombocs, constantwidth objects and feel flux. It must so much fun to play around with such a gooey magnetic material (putty). Some good soul will gift it to me for my birthday…may be.

It stretches, bounces, breaks, flows, can be magnetized and what not! It’s like the ferro fluid, but more awesome. Even this, like ferro fluid, has very very tiny magnetic particles dispersed in a putty like substance which makes it magnetic.

Who wouldn’t want to try out that Neodymium magnet swallowing trick! Since it looks like it’s live, they call it the magnetic thinking putty. Perfect name, I must say.

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