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There Is No Lake Like The Taal Lake

By Anupum Pant

Geologically this is quite a phenomenon and might get a bit confusing to grasp if you stop paying enough attention. Here we go…

Island in a lake on an island in a lake…

Taal lake is a freshwater lake on the Luzon island of Philippines. Almost at the center of this lake, is an island called the volcano island. At the center of this island is another lake called the main crater lake. And in this lake is a small landmass called the Vulcan point. [map]

Now take a deep breath…in short, it is, Luzon island > Taal lake > Volcano island > Main crater lake > Vulcan Point.

The main crater lake: Even though the crater lake isn’t a very big lake, it is still claimed as the  world’s largest lake on an island (Volcano Island) in a lake (Taal Lake) on an island (Luzon). Of course it is, where else in the whole world would you find a lake on an island in a lake on an island?

Vulcan point: On this world’s largest lake on an island in a lake on an island, is a tiny land mass called the Vulcan Point which is the world’s largest volcano in a lake (Main Crater Lake) on a volcano (Taal Volcano). It isn’t even big enough to support a small house.

Home to Unique Species

But all that is just a part of what is interesting about the Taal lake. Ecologically it is another marvel in a way that it is home to a few species of animals that are found nowhere else on earth. In this lake you’ll find the only varieties of fresh water sardines, sharks and sea snakes.

Reason: This lake was not a lake several thousands of years back. Then, due to volcanic eruptions, it got separated from the sea. Now the only thing that connected this water mass and the sea was Pansipit river. Gradually, several hundreds of years of precipitation converted this lake from a saltwater lake to a freshwater lake. For centuries, animals living here have remained isolated and have evolved into unique species to adapt to this desalination.

4 thoughts on “There Is No Lake Like The Taal Lake”

  1. Geography is always fascinating, and this is no exception.
    However, one can also make a lot with numbers and narrowly defined concepts. One shouldn’t forget that when one looks at freshwater lakes on an island in freshwater lakes, the many lakes (some of which contain islands much bigger than Volcano Point) on Lake Manitoulin in Lake Huron win out big time.

    1. This is really an interesting piece of information you’ve added. I had never heard about Lake Maitoun until now. I will definitely read about it and probably also add an article about it in a few days. Thank you for the input.

  2. rather amusing, indeed … you may too want to add about Croatian island of Mljet, where dominican monks built a monastery on an island in a lake East of the island … 😉
    I certainly understand the reason they took the pain to achieve this, given the peaceful place this is !

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