Making a Cyborg Cockroach at Home

By Anupum Pant

The following post might be very repulsive to some people as it comes very close to animal abuse. Different countries have different laws on the kind of rights animals have. To me however, doing this to a cockroach in the name of biological experimentation, doesn’t sound like abuse. I rather find it very interesting. If you are easily affected by experiments that are done on insects, this is the right time for you to retreat. You’ve been warned.

Imagine this. What if you could plant a tiny circuit on a real cockroach and use it to make the cockroach turn left or right on your command? Guess what, you can indeed convert a cockroach into a cyborg that obeys your commands! And it’s not even very difficult. All you have to do is a little bit of soldering to join wires and a teeny bit of surgery on a cockroach – There, you have your own cyborg.

This seems so incredibly interesting to me. I never knew something like this would be possible to accomplish so easily! Here’s how you do it…

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