Making Your Dream Come True With Science

By Anupum Pant

Haven’t people told you this, visualize what you want to achieve and if you think about your final state enough, your chances of achieving it will sky rocket? Okay, go ahead and do it now. So, if you want to lose weight, think of a slim you doing 3 backflips back to back.

There, sorry for being a prick, but you just decreased the odds of you being that slim. Scientists at the university of Pennsylvania have found that visualizing a happy ending decreases your chance of reaching the goal. That’s because you feel more satisfied with the image of a happy ending in mind, and when obstacles come along, which they always do, you lose hope and quit.

Instead, to make your dreams come true, or rather to increase the chance of your dream coming true, visualize the path, the process of you getting there. A path filled with all kinds of obstacles. That’d make your odds much better.

Richard Wiseman explains…

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