Monkey Psychology

By Anupum Pant

What do you think would a monkey do if it was treated wasn’t treated equally as another monkey? Would it actually know it was being treated unequally?

Yes, they know it very well. Wild monkeys who have never been tested with something like that also have this ability to figure out unequal treatment. In fact, their preference for food is often, as quipped by the professor in the video, in correlation with the particular food items price in the supermarket. They usually have a greater preference for a higher priced food, than a food which comes cheap. But that is only a fun way to say it – not always.

A monkey normally doesn’t mind doing a task for a cucumber. But they tend to like grapes more than a cucumber – remember, grapes are costlier at a supermarket. So, if you keep two monkeys who can watch each other while being fed. One is give cucumber, while the other is given grapes, chaos happens. Watch what happens in the video below.

It’s heartening to know that animals have a fairly good idea when they are being mistreated.

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