Pee Shivers

By Anupum Pant

Post-micturition convulsion syndrome is a pretty normal things and almost every guy knows what I’m talking about when I say, that phrase means “pee shivers”.

For ladies, not that you MUST know, when men pee, or just finish peeing, an involuntary convulsion, or a shudder of some sort rushes through their bodies. Why this happens is not very clear to science yet. However there are 2 major hypotheses which explain this.

1. When you let out a lot of warm pee, you drop your body’s temperature by some amount which causes you to shudder, to react to the lower temperature.

2. The other one explains this with neurotransmitters – chemicals, basically. When you pee your body gets flushed with certain chemicals like dopamine. So, it is thought that these released chemicals make you shudder.

But, then this doesn’t happen to women. There might be some other explanation to it…

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