Surface Kills Bacteria on Contact

By Anupum Pant

The toxic effect of metal ions on bacteria, known as the oligodynamic effect is being used almost everywhere – You’ve seen brass doorknobs in many public places, right? That’s one way for objects to kill bacteria. Other one might be this…

In a study conducted by scientists in Spain and Australia, it is claimed that the wings of a cicada are made up of a biomaterial that has the ability to kill bacteria on contact. Instead of a toxic effect, these actually, according to the paper, kill bacteria by the physical morphology of the surface. The surface has millions of tiny pillars that purportedly kill bacteria like it’s been shown in the simulation below.

That’s a great hint to people who can grow nano pillars in laboratory to run and patent a surface that’d kill bacteria when the come in contact with the surface. There, I just gave away an idea worth millions probably. Because for all I know, cellphone surfaces are one of the most dirtiest surfaces, and a surface like this one could have massive commercial applications…

By Anupum Pant

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