The Dangers of Eating too Many Bananas

By Anupum Pant

I hope you know that bananas a slightly radioactive. Typically, one normal banana would contain 0.1 microsieverts of radiation. Actually they are radioactive enough to trigger sensors which might fool authorities into thinking that nuclear material is getting smuggled. Still, they aren’t as radioactive as Brazil nuts.

That kind of radiation might not be even close to hurt you in anyway but there’s another thing about them that might really kill you. In fact, people in the past have died because they ate too many bananas at once. The same could happen if you eat too many tomatoes too.

Bananas and tomatoes contain high amounts of potassium. One banana for instance would contain around 450 mg of potassium, and a person’s recommended daily dose of potassium is around 3500 mg a day. While potassium is essential for you, too much of it can be bad for some people. Especially to ones who have a low kidney function. This can cause build up of potassium.

So, if you are that kind of a person, more than 7.5 bananas could in theory be lethal. But that’s not how it works for most people. Most people would have to eat around 400 bananas to overdose on them. So, it’s not really a danger unless you know your kidneys do not function properly. Certainly, something you should know about.

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