The Marvels of Samsung’s S Pen

By Anupum Pant

It’s amazing how far technology has come. The S pen you get with a Samsung note device has no battery in it, and yet it is powered because it can somehow communicate with the device. The communication is obvious because the pen has a button and if you press it, the phone knows.

So how does this work? What kind of sorcery is this.

The pen actually pulls energy wirelessly from the device itself with the help of electromagnetic waves. It is something like a device bremen-based designer dennis siegel built in the year 2012. He showed us how he could charge his batteries by harvesting the omnipresent electromagnetic energy. Although it used to take about 24 hours to charge a normal AA battery, now a similar tech is encapsulated in a tiny device, actually even thinner than a real pen!

Electromagnetic Harvester from Dennis Siegel on Vimeo.

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