The McCollough Effect

By Anupum Pant

Some times, you come across simple illusions. Optical illusions, for example. But then there are more complex effects which temporarily change the way your brain works and can’t really be called optical illusions. This one is called the McCollough effect and you should probably not try it. Because once you do, it might even stay in there for about three months. Or just for a few minutes may be. It really breaks you perceive your world.

This is how it works. This is something which requires an induction. So, let’s say an induction video about 8 minutes long would show you some images which would change the way you see things – it would “induce” the effect – thus the name, induction.

The video would normally consist a series of images of coloured stripes next to black stripes oriented in different directions. So, let’s say the vertical stripes that are shown in the induction video has alternating red and black stripes.

Now once the induction ends, you’ll start seeing a slight hint og green colour at places outside of the video, wherever your brain sees a vertical pattern. To test it, you can look at a vertical white and black stripe pattern and there instead of pure white you’d see a greenish white. Green because it is complementary to red.

If you are down for trying it, I’d need a couple minutes of your attention – watch the video below.

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