potato paradox

The Potato Puzzle

By Anupum Pant

Some call it the Potato paradox, but I prefer calling┬áit a puzzle. It isn’t really a paradox. It’s just that we tend to get confused easily when working with such problems and most times end up with the wrong answer. Here’s the question:

You have 100 kg of potatoes. Assume that they are made up of 99% water. Now, you keep them outside to dry for a while. When measured for water content now, they contain 98% water. What do you think is the weight of these dried potatoes now?

Answer quickly first. Then, try and calculate. It isn’t really tough.

Take 15 minutes, or more if you have to. Use papers, pens and calculators if you have to. But whatever you do, stay honest. Don’t search for the solution on the internet, or don’t read further if you haven’t done it yet. Trust me, your brain won’t like the answer.

Solution – [Wikipedia]

The answer is: 50 kg.

For the explanation, watch this visual explanation…

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