The Supercow of Belgium

By Anupum Pant

It’s hard to believe that naturally bred cows can grow enormous muscles. And yet, Dr. Patrice claims that by picking the cows with the best muscles over and over for generations, using selective breeding, they’ve been able to breed cows which don’t look like anything from the planet earth.

This gigantic breed of supercow they’ve been able to create has heavily developed muscles (not double muscles) and looks like a normal cow on steroids – with a sculpted and heavily muscled appearance (like in the picture). This breed of cows is called the Belgian blue.

To enhance the desirable characteristic of muscle mass in their beef cattle, the cattle farmers, for about a century, have picked only the cows with the most muscle mass, and have allowed them to mate, over and over. As a result, they now have the Belgian blue – a cow / bull that weighs a ton each!

via [Scidump]


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