change blindness

Video: Change Blindness

By Anupum Pant

There’s so much happening around you that if your brain doesn’t have this ability to see and skip processing most of the useless information the eyes send it, you’d probably go mad in a day. That is change blindness. In that way, It is good for you. But you must not have realized how narrow your attention of focus can be. This video demonstrates it better than anything else.

By the way, when you watch the first clip where the camera pans with the Pacman, try focussing on the Pacman only. Or you won’t be able to appreciate the effect as much.

2 thoughts on “Video: Change Blindness”

  1. What fun these articles have been to read and explore everyday. It has been fun to share them with my children as well! Thank you for all your hard daily work!

    1. People hardly have the attention span to read these days. Only a few do. It’s such a blessing to me that these things I share, reach your kids too. I’m so glad they are learning things from here. 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by and taking a moment to appreciate my efforts Suzanne. Means a lot.

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