A Few Amusing Physics Phenomena

By Anupum Pant

Veritasium has always amused us with very interesting physics phenomena over the years. And now, as always, the channel has asked its users to send their answers to these 5 interesting physics mystery. ┬áHere have a look at them…

Do leave a reply on his channel if you think you know why these happen.

For all of the 5 things, I do have my own theories but I’d rather wait till the next week when Derek will release the solution video. I do not want to publish my haphazard theories, which might be wrong.

However, I’m quite sure about one thing. Why does cereal get attracted by a magnet?

That is mostly because it has iron in it. By iron I mean real iron in its pure form. In fact, you can even extract iron from cereal. The best part is that it is not even difficult. All you need is cereal, a neodymium magnet, water, a bowl and a resealable bag.

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