Another Intelligent Octopus

By Anupum Pant

The octopus is an incredibly intelligent creature, like the crow. Their brains are literally all over the place. And let me not even start talking about how well they can blend into their surroundings.

Julian Finn, a researcher from the Victoria Museum in Australia, a few years back, observed an octopus displaying amazing foresight. It was seen scooping up a halved coconut shell and carrying it around, walking on the bed of the water body. It wasn’t clear as to what it was planning to do with it. The researcher laughed so bad, he almost drowned when he saw this happen.

As you’ll see in the video below, the octopus uses this shell as a makeshift shelter and carries it to places where it might not find good places to hide.

The carrying around isn’t as simple as it seems, it takes a lot of processing power. And to expect it from a octopus isn’t normal. The octopus first digs them out, arranges then so the open halves are facing up, then blows jets to clean the mud inside them, scoops them with its arms and walks away with them. Later it sits down and lets the coconut shells make a shelter for itself.

via [BBC]

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