Goats’ Amazing Eyes and Muscles

By Anupum Pant

Goat eyes, like other ungulates, are rectangular in shape. They are pretty alien to look at. These awkwardly shaped pupils actually serve a very practical purpose for them. It enables them to have a great depth perception and great detail perception for a wide angle of the field of vision – for about 280 degrees! That means they don’t have to rely on their peripheral vision to spot a predator coming from behind them. Their peripheral vision is as good as their main vision, is what I’m saying.¬†But the downside of this blessing is that they aren’t able to see very well on the vertical axis.

The other funny thing about goats is them suddenly going stiff and fainting when they are suddenly made to panic, or scared.¬†Actually, when they do this, the goats don’t really faint. But this happens due to a heriditary genetic disorder, like seen in some humans and other mammals too, their muscles aren’t able to relax quickly after they get stiff due to some reason – usually when they go stiff all of a sudden.

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