Hazardous Steak Cooking

By Anupum Pant

Did you know, you can soak up your raw meat in salt water and pass electricity through it to cook it? If you are wondering that you should give that a try, I’d suggest you not to. You could seriously mess something up here if you do not know what you are doing. Electrons to cook steak. Check.

If that wasn’t enough, same can be done for a sausage, with LEDs stuck into it to make them light up while it is cooking.

Next, focus sun’s energy with a parabolic mirror to do the same. If you time it well, it gets cooked so well that you can actually eat it. Not very dangerous to try, this one.

IPA – isopropyl alcohol – a highly flamable substance, put inside a bottle so that it’s in vapor form and is set to fire. The fire cooked prawns. It burns like an upside down rocket, with such force that it throws the piece of fish into the air. This could easily kill you. Also, not a very good way to cook prawns.

Or you could just use lava at 1000 C to cook your steak.

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