Innovations Expected To Make Driving A Worthy Experience


The demand for automotive engineers was set to rise by 18700 in 2018, according to a survey by the Recruiter. This is not a shocking statistic considering that the automotive industry is one of the greatest markets in the world. The constant application of science to daily life in the form of innovations like machine learning is once again showing up in the manufacturing of cars. Cars are getting sleeker, more intelligent, and highly accommodating with each update. New innovations continue to improve the driving experience now and for the future.

Autonomous Vehicles

Also called self-driving cars, autonomous vehicles are finally here after decades of research and test drives. A self-driving car means you can have a hands-off experience on the highway. With the latest car diagnostic tools, it is only fair you have the best car to test them on. The level 3 automated driving Audi A8 is just the first of many. The science behind this amazing feature is a combination of sonar, GPS, radar, laser scanners, odometry, Lidar, and inertial measuring units. A combination of these features ensures that the car senses its environment, including the road structure, other road users, and approaching cars to adjust its speed. It may be a while before these cars are allowed on roads without a driver though.

Biometric Vehicle Access

Gone are the days when a key could help you access your car, and so are the days when you could break into a car using a hanger. The existing radio frequency key fob technology is awesome, but biometric vehicle access is even cooler. During its launch in the 2018 North American Auto Show, the Nissan XMotion showcased its fingerprint scanner that opens the door. Your car basically starts when you touch it. Biometric technology is already used in connected cars, and will be seen in more mainstream and futuristic cars in the coming years.

Remote Vehicle Shutdown

The latest technology in automobile security is the remote vehicle shutdown. Even with biometric access, you might still need to shut down your car remotely, as there is always the risk of theft or forgetting to lock your car door. If you suspect misuse of your car, this technology comes in handy. Not only does it let you completely shut down your car, but it also makes the recovery process easier. Using the GPS system, it is now easier to track and locate your car with the correct documentation.

Heated And Ventilated Seats

An average American spends around 293 hours in a car annually, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety survey. If you are spending that much time in your car, you might as well be comfortable, depending on the weather and season. Heated and ventilated car seats were developed along these lines using the resistor and thermostat technology. When the switch is on, electricity flows through the heating coil causing friction and resulting in heat. The heated car seat automatically cools once the thermostat reaches a specified temperature.

Technology has made work easier by combining science and practicality to ensure a luxurious way of life. With cars, scientific inventions are providing more ways to improve the driving experience. Knowing what to look for in a car, or learning what features and new innovations you have in your car is a sure way to improve your own experience.

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