Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Using the Halo Effect

By Anupum Pant

It’s easier and more comfortable to think to yourself that the decisions you make are well thought and perfectly reasoned. I’ve talked about it in the past too.

If you’re told that something you chose was due to the halo effect and it wasn’t a perfectly reasonable choice, you wouldn’t believe me. But life is not fair. And if it may come to you as a relief, the whole ad industry revolves around making consumers like something in the commercial (which is often unrelated to the product they sell) and if you end up liking that unrelated thing, there’s a great chance, it will make you think that they have the best product. They’re playing with your psychology.

Here’s ART talking about how the same orange juice packed in different containers made people have completely different opinions about it.

This reminds me of Jimmy Kimmel serving crushed skittles, packed in sophisticated containers, to random people on the street. Look how he’s able to easily fool them.

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