Lamp Runs on Water and Salt

By Anupum Pant

Remember the gravity light I told you about a few months ago? Well, now it has a tough competition in the market. Although I still think gravity light is slightly better than this one, this one still is a very innovative utility that works pretty well in real life.

There are too many places things like these are needed and too less of these innovative pieces of technology that people have been able to make really work. This is one of those few.

earhxxogslhdasru0vs4I’m talking about a light, a table lamp of sorts, that runs on just on water + salt. Instead, a glass full of seawater works just fine too. They call it SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting). It’s one great thing for the 1 billion people out there who have no access to electricity.

It works because it uses a galvanic cell (with electrodes inside) and no electrolyte. That salty water you put in is the electrolyte. One pour of salty water gives out 8 hours of light. It can run for 8 hours every day for about 6 months. It has nothing burning inside of it that might cause a leakage and then a fire, just your average LED lights.

What’s more?

The contraption is so designed, that while giving you light, it can also charge your phones. However, not a very thoughtful facility to put into something that will be tested among the poor who don’t have access to electricity, forget smartphones.

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