Reproducing Sound From a Video of Leafs

By Anupum Pant

Sound is a series of compressions and rarefactions travelling through a medium. It is actually a physical entity. When sound moves, physical object, like the molecules of air move. So, when sound hits an object, it makes the object move.

But the movements a normal volume sound can produce in an object are really very tiny. Most times the naked eye sees no difference. However if the tiny movements can be sensed by a very sensitive algorithm by processing data from a video of that object, the sound can probably be reproduced to some extent.

A few researchers at MIT did just that. Now they’ve been able to set up an algorithm that can extract data from the video of a plant, which is making tiny movements due to the sound around, and can reproduce the sound to certain extent. They can do the same with almost any other light weight object, like a bag of chips maybe.

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