Savior Dolphins

By Anupum Pant

A group of researchers lead by  Maddalena Bearzi of Ocean Conservation Society were doing their routine logs of behavior of feeding Dolphins near the shores Los Angeles, California. Suddenly, one of the dolphins turned around from the feeding circle and in a seemingly unusual fashion started rushing off shore. Researchers were quite confused, but they decided to follow. So did the other dolphins.

The dolphins reached a place some distance away from the shore and started circling what looked like a dark object floating in the sea. Upon moving closer, the researchers understood that the dark object was actually the body of a young girl towards which dolphins had moved.

The lifeguards were alerted and they were on the way. The girl seemed lifeless, but then one of the lifeguards on board their boat ventured out to get her, despite knowing that life guards were on the way. The girl survived and it was only dolphins to thank for pointing the researchers towards the drowning girl.

Later it was found that the drowning was from Germany, had come to LA for vacationing and it was a suicide case, as indicated by a letter in a sealed pack that hung from her neck.

via [dodo]

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