The Hall of Fame for Longest Migrations

By Anupum Pant

Very recently, Varvara, a gray whale has seem to have broken the world record for the longest migration by a mammal. A study published in the biology letters mentions this gray whale which travelled from Russia to Mexico and then back travelled approximately 14,000 miles in 172 days, beating the previous world record of the humpback whale which was at around 10,000 miles.

But that’s tiny compared to birds. Birds like Arctic Tern, which holds the world record for the longest migration by any creature known, travels from Greenland to Antarctica after a zigzag path that’s about 44,000 miles away.

The final prize however goes to the Alaskan bar-tailed godwit, because when it goes it doesn’t stop. In a flight lasting for about 8 days, the bird goes from Alaska to New-zealand, about 7000 miles with no stops whatsoever!

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