The Most Dangerous Spider

By Anupum Pant

9 times out of the 10 times they attack you, they’ll inject an extremely toxic venom in your body which will make you literally cry for air – it will asphyxiate you within seconds. It can cause paralysis or even kill you. Another interesting thing about the venom is that it can cause an erection that lasts for hour.

This is the world’s most dangerous spider and it is called the Brazillian wandering spider, A.K.A the banana spider.

This spider is usually found in the south american tropical forests, especially living in banana bunches. During the day time it hides under rocks and inside trunks and starts roaming around on the ground, wandering, when it is dark. If it manages to invade your home, it is pretty big (about 15 cm) to spot, but it likes to hide in tiny dark spaces. Like the inside of your shoes.

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