The Self-Stirring Pot

By Anupum Pant

Unless you stand there and keep stirring your boiling noodles, or pasta, they might stick to the bottom of your pot. Also, lumps of cornstarch are a mess the other times when you are trying to thicken gravy without putting much effort into stirring the sauce. All of that extra effort of standing there and stirring stuff can be eliminated if you incorporate this pot designed by a Japanese dentist, Hideki Watanabe. He calls it Kuru-Kuru Nabe (Round-Round pot).

The dentist designed a pot that can stir up the water inside it without you having to interfere. The interesting part here is that the pot doesn’t have any moving parts, neither it uses electricity to keep your water spinning. It’s the special shape of it that accomplishes this. The abnormal grooves this pot has on its walls keep the water spinning when it is hot.

My theory on what makes it work is – Leidenfrost effect happening at the walls. Like we’ve seen in the past that hot water can climb slopes using the same effect, it probably does the same here. Anyway, here’s what the pot looks like when it’s cooking.

via [InventorSpot]

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