Weird Vultures

By Anupum Pant

Vultures are usually associated with death. Like if you see a vulture circling above, you’d think something died. So, all you might think about them is that they are creepy. Of course they are. They have an uncanny ability to digest contaminated meat. Also, there’s more.

When vultures are stressed, they vomit. Probably this makes them lighter to move away faster. It also probably serves an evolutionary purpose for them by preventing the ingestion of something harmful, and by expelling noxious substances once ingested. Who knows they do it for something else. But one thing is for sure, if you see a group of vultures perched up  above, don’t try to hurl a pebble towards them, they’ll probably send a stream a vomit towards you.

Vultures also urinate on their own feet. It is believed that they do this because it helps to keep them cool, given they can’t sweat like we do. It’s also believed that their urine helps them to keep their feet free of all the dangerous microbes from the rotten flesh they feed on.

So, that’s about vultures and their unusual habits.

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