When Life Gives You Lemons

India has a problem of men zipping open their pants and starting to pee on random walls on a street. That’s not to demean my country, but I’m sure most developing countries face a problem similar to this one. It is a fact and I can’t deny that. These people sure had one interesting way to deal with it. But there’s another one.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade is a common thing people like to say. So, when a country gives you a lot of under educated men peeing on the streets, give them lemon trees.

Yes, it works. Of course it comes with a flavour no one would like to have, it sure does nourish the citrus trees. Human urine is more than 90% water and rest of it, besides the bad odour of it is mostly nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Definitely a better thing to give to citrus plants, than your pet’s pee. Just make sure you do not contaminate the fruit, or the leaves themselves. Rest, the tree will take care.

Here’s what Tangurena has to say:

Urine is very high in nitrogen. One can observe how plants handle the quantities humans would produce by observing the yards of people with large dogs. Plants usually get “burned” from the quantity of nitrogen deposited by the dogs.

If your compost heap has a lot of straw/cellulose, then it probably needs more nitrogen. If you want to use your own stuff to fertilize plants, mix it about 50% with water in a bucket (or watering can) then apply it to plants. Fill the bucket/watering can indoors, and wash it out afterwards.

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