Why The Skin Wrinkles And The Best Ways To Delay The Process

by Jackie Edwards

Aging is an inescapable biological process that results in cellular wear and tear. Though they say that it comes with wisdom and social respect, aging also brings a series of health issues, including a risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Healthy skin has a soft and smooth epidermis that protects the other two layers of the skin from direct exposure, but as the years go by, it starts to look rough and wrinkled. This is caused by two multifactorial processes known as intrinsic and extrinsic aging. The good news is that you can suppress the wrinkles by taking care of your skin ahead of time. 

What is Intrinsic aging?

Intrinsic aging is the natural deterioration process that takes place as you age. This aging syndrome is influenced by genetic factors that cause cells to lose viability and die. Around the age of 20, one starts to produce 1% less collagen in the skin each year, and as a result, the skin becomes thinner, fragile and more vulnerable. This type of aging inhibits the proper functioning of the sweat glands. Additionally, the skin starts to produce less Elastin and Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). Wrinkles that are caused as a result of intrinsic aging are inevitable, and that is why you can approximate the age difference between two different people just by looking at them, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

Understanding Extrinsic aging

This kind of aging occurs as a result of exposure to various environmental conditions and an unhealthy lifestyle. Some of these factors include exposure to the sun, stress, drug abuse, and pollution. With extrinsic aging, a young person who smokes and uses drugs might have a more troubled complexion than an older person who does not abuse drugs. Influenced aging also affects elements such as Collagen which provides firmness, Elastin which facilitates elasticity and GAGS which help to keep the skin hydrated. Both intrinsic and extrinsic aging cause roughness, uneven tone, brown patches and deep wrinkles. 

Eating a balanced diet and exercising

Consuming a balanced diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables will help to prevent premature damage of the skin by providing it with the nutrients it needs to regenerate and stay strong. On the other hand, food that is rich in sugar can accelerate aging. Similarly, doing routine workouts as you age – such as running and hiking can make your skin look better by improving blood circulation. This enhances the skin’s immune system, making it less susceptible to harmful conditions.

Protection from the sun and tan

Whether working or sunbathing on the beach, protecting your skin from direct sunlight should be a priority. Some common ways to achieve this include sitting under a shade, wearing proper clothing, and using a broad-spectrum sunscreen. When using such products, experts advise that you apply daily for better results. Every time you tan your skin, you age your skin by a certain magnitude. Most methods of tanning emit rays that accelerate skin cell damage making you look older than you are. As an alternative, it is better to adopt a natural self-tanning routine.

Remember that you cannot change the natural aging process, but you can look better if you protect your skin from damage by external factors. Also, people who are already aging prematurely can change their situation by leading a healthy lifestyle. Other ways you can protect your skin from wrinkling include using moisturizers, avoiding repetitive facial expressions, and staying away from skin products that burn.

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