On Not Knowing

That someone out there would point out, you do not know something, something which is widely popular and somehow you missed it, is a great social fear we live by today.

The fear of missing out on something, snubs some part of you that prevents you from coming out honestly and laying your guts out in the open. There simply is only a negative social incentive for you to be honest about your unawareness, because of the fear.

Like try telling someone that you have never heard of this thing called GoT everyone is talking about. Or Pokemon Go, or the Apple’s latest iPhone model. “Do you live under a rock?,” they will say.

Trust me, there for sure is someone out there who has never heard of it.

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Seven Experiences From 500+ Days of Blogging

By Anupum Pant

Let’s cut the chase right to where the juice is. But before starting, I must warn you that these may be extremely random points, and might sound like self-help mumbo jumbo. But all of it comes from the most honest part of me. This way or the other, you’ll definitely take something away by the end of it. Like I said yesterday, here are my experiences.

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The Illusion of Transparency

By Anupum Pant

Imagine learning something whilst a very experienced person speaks about a subject that he’s been working on for 35 years. Let’s say, we’re talking about a professor here. It’s pretty annoying to listen to them using mysterious abbreviations, jargon and what not. This is a very normal thing for humans to do. Because we are basically not smart. Our brains have their own ways to fail us.

I’m doing my graduate studies and it’s not very rare that I come across very learned professors who aren’t very good teachers. Being a good teacher, speaker or a textbook author isn’t the same as knowing stuff, and is possible to be one when you know one thing, and just one thing.

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