Child Birth or Getting Kicked in the Balls

By Anupum Pant

childbirth painThe internet is full of media saying that pain can be measured in units called “del”. According to them 45 del is the limit of pain a human can endure and yet, they go on to say that child birth is associated with 57 del of pain (apparently it is equivalent to 20 bones getting fractured at a time) and getting kicked in the nuts is 9000 del of pain.

I know getting kicked in the nuts, or giving birth to a child is not a joke. It is indeed extreme pain. But if it’s more than what a human can endure, most of us shouldn’t be alive, going by the “del” logic.

Thanks to ASAP Science, I now know that there’s no unit of pain called del. It just doesn’t exist. Dol is something that quantifies pain to some extent. Still, pain is a subjective experience. So it’s hard to give it a standard number.

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16 thoughts on “Child Birth or Getting Kicked in the Balls”

  1. Pain and pain tolerance is purely subjective. Everyone experiences pain differently so there’s no generalization of pain. A man can never experience child birth and a woman can never experience getting kicked in the balls, and neither humans can experience what animals go through when being gutted, roasted, or cooked alive in a meat factory.

    1. Explain how a animal feels anything after having a spike shot into the base of it’s brain, then skinned and all of it’s internal organs removed? I didn’t realize dead things experience pain, I guess we need to outlaw cremations then…

      1. Right? People who actually believe the things PETA says are probably the same people. Who think the earth is flat.

    2. “Cooked alive in a meat factory” says the person who doesn’t know how anything works. You’re right about not being able to experience pain the same. But the animal this is as inaccurate as it is stupid. Animals aren’t cooked alive in meat factories, for a whole long list of reasons

  2. I’ve never given child birth, but I’m sure as most women expiernce, the joy outweighs the pain. But I’ve seen many a top ten list on people who have had multiple things happen in life, broken bones, kidney stones, nerve damage, child birth, kicked in the nuts ect, where you can see pain tolernece vs what a person can handle over having multiple items on the list happen, and most break down to a very good top ten list OF most painful and Im sorry boys, lucked in the nuts never makes those lists but child birth does, where these women have had broken bones, nerve damage, cancer ect and men having same issues and when it you have multiple alimengents and these things happen and so people can really judge thier pain threshold, tolerance and what was MOST painful, but kicking has never made the list, I chalk up but kicking to my once a month cramps, I get them without being kicked!

  3. My ovaries Im sure are as sensitive if not more then your bits, and twice a month with out anyone doing so I’m kicked in the buys for maybe 24-48 hours straight, I’m double over in pain and can hardly stand on ovulation and I am sure that’s about the same feeling you get when kicked but you feel it for what 20 minutes, I endure it longer and every few weeks like click work

  4. Anyhow the top ten lists of most painful medical conditions for me are a walk in the park and don’t even take or took pain relievers so sometimes I even wonder about most people’s tolerneces I’ve had two or three of those happen, but I will say I have taken a pain med after a tonsillectomy, but to say that was my worst pain, over a broken bone, that’s just odd, and over shingles and other things I have happen that age even top ten worst pains ever, medically, well, I didn’t need a single pain Medicine. Again I only imagine nerve pain as the worst out side of surgeries. Even broken bones barely hurt

  5. I’m sure your ovaries are way less sensitive than testicles, if you were any but smart you would know that by nature testicles would be way more sensitive bc they are out of the body unprotected we obviously need to know if something is hurting them bc it is vary possible for then to get hurt but ovaries are inside your body way less likely to get hit meaning they wouthe ld need less pain receptors

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