Child Birth or Getting Kicked in the Balls

By Anupum Pant

childbirth painThe internet is full of media saying that pain can be measured in units called “del”. According to them 45 del is the limit of pain a human can endure and yet, they go on to say that child birth is associated with 57 del of pain (apparently it is equivalent to 20 bones getting fractured at a time) and getting kicked in the nuts is 9000 del of pain.

I know getting kicked in the nuts, or giving birth to a child is not a joke. It is indeed extreme pain. But if it’s more than what a human can endure, most of us shouldn’t be alive, going by the “del” logic.

Thanks to ASAP Science, I now know that there’s no unit of pain called del. It just doesn’t exist. Dol is something that quantifies pain to some extent. Still, pain is a subjective experience. So it’s hard to give it a standard number.

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7 thoughts on “Child Birth or Getting Kicked in the Balls”

  1. Pain and pain tolerance is purely subjective. Everyone experiences pain differently so there’s no generalization of pain. A man can never experience child birth and a woman can never experience getting kicked in the balls, and neither humans can experience what animals go through when being gutted, roasted, or cooked alive in a meat factory.

    1. Explain how a animal feels anything after having a spike shot into the base of it’s brain, then skinned and all of it’s internal organs removed? I didn’t realize dead things experience pain, I guess we need to outlaw cremations then…

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