Extreme Gear Reduction Toy

By Anupum Pant

The host of this channel called “OskarPuzzle” has created a toy, which is not exactly a toy but an engineering marvel. This amazing contraption is a gear reduction device which can achieve a whopping 1:11 million gearing ration in an extremely compact package.

To be exact the ratio achieved here is exactly 11373076:1 – slightly more than what is advertised. He calls it extreme gear reduction and achieves it using basically 3 stages:

The first stage has two sets of planetary gears with a reduction of 24 : 1 and 25 : 1, respectively.
Second one has two subtractions, 26×26-25×27=1 and 25×25-24×26=1, respectively.
And the third is also a subtraction, namely (25×26+1×25)-(24×27+1×26)=1.

Watch the video here where he explains what he has done…

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