Interesting Ping-Pong Balance Question

By Anupum Pant

Experimentation gives you so many answers that you couldn’t have known otherwise! Consider a simple experiment like this one. There’s a balance. Both the sides have exactly the same kind of beakers and both the beakers have been filled by exactly the same kind of water, to exactly the same level. The balance is still balanced.

Now, the balance is clamped to the balanced position and the following is done:

One beaker’s base is tethered to a ping-pong ball which is completely inside the water.

The other beaker, on the right has an acryllic ball of the same size, submerged at the same level, but is tethered from the outside, suspended from the above into the water.

The balance is then released. Predict which way the balance will tip. Or will it even tip to any side? Do have an answer ready with your own explanation for it. Even the greatest physicists would get stumped here.

Once you are done.

Here is the [Answer]

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