Some Inventions That Caught my Eye

By Anupum Pant

1. The tethered drone which follows you like a kite and keeps filming you. It uses the tension in the tether to determine where you are and where you want it to move to.

2. A 3D pen which can be used to write things in 3D. But those are many, you’d say. The twist with this one is that it comes with a soldering attachment, a burning attachment and a foam cutting attachment!

3. A smart halo which attaches to your bike permanently and connects to your smartphone. Finds you the best bike path for you. It points you at every turn and warns you for other things. Also tracks all of your workout. Also alerts you if someone tries to steal your bike. The phone remains in the pocket. Oh, and it also has a smart light!

4. A special 3D printer which can also engrave and do PCB milling. It can also scan things in 3D and recreate them for you.

5. The last one is a hi-tech backpack that has places for a technophile, from USB ports to speakers to charger or a place 3G to wifi device.

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