The Long Face Syndrome

By Anupum Pant

Mouth breathing is the root cause of several other problems. Worsening of sinus blockages is probably the best known among them all. Besides that when you are not breathing through your nose, you are not giving a chance for the air to move through your mucous membrane which produces nitric oxide in the body – Lack of which is a bad news for your heart and blood vessels. And the list goes on.

But the other unusual and lesser known problem associated with mouth breathing is this. It can make you look uglier! Which as the name suggests, is an ugly facial feature – long and narrow face. And then, if their tonsils swell due to this, their jaws start to adjust into a weird position in order to gather the maximum amount of oxygen into their bodies. This happens mostly to kids when they start breathing through their mouth early in life. However, it isn’t only limited to kids. Also, it’s easier to fix this on kids.

So, if your kids uses his/her mouth to breathe, it is a very good idea to correct it right away.

Kids who end up being chronic mouth-breathers are likely to have something called the long face syndrome.

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