Why do Candle Light Dinners Work?

By Anupum Pant

When the amount of light is low, everyone knows that your pupils become larger (they dilate, as it is said). Now dilated pupils make people look more attractive and this has been known since the 16th century when women would use a solution made out of a toxic plant called Belladona to make their pupils big, and make themselves appear more attractive to men. But that used to make their eyes go bad with time.

Instead this is what Dr. Wiseman advices. Take your date to a candle light dinner. There’s a scientific reason why these dinners work. Both your pupils dilate and both appear more attractive to each other. Dang!

Although in the initial test which he does in the video, I thought the left picture was better because it looked less scary to me. So candle light dinner probably won’t work for me.

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