Why You Should Flush With the Lid on

By Anupum Pant

Your toothbrush is full of microorganisms. But that doesn’t mean it’s dangerous, right? Because not all, in fact most of them are not dangerous.

Here’s the twist. There are so many bacteria in your toothbrush, about 10 million, which makes it highly likely that E. coli might be present among them. Especially if you keep your brush in the bathroom which has a toilet, it has more bacteria than there would have been if you had kept it out of your bathroom. Thankfully, mine always stays outside the bathroom.

When you flush, microorganisms turn into aerosol and get sprayed to everything that is in 5 to 6 feet. So, if you have your toothbrush in about 5-6 feet from the toilet, well you must consider putting it somewhere else. You don’t want to increase your chances of picking up E. coli this way.

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