How to Survive for Three Days Under Water

By Anupum Pant

Harrison Okene was a 29-year-old chef on Jascon 4 – a big oil company boat. On one unfortunate day, due to a bad storm in the sea, off the coast of Nigeria, the boat capsized. With the 12 crew members of the ship, Okene went down with the boat. He got trapped under water and survived in there for three days, while none of the other mates survived.

The man found a big air bubble trapped underneath the shipwreck and lived in there for more than 2 and half days. He had nothing to eat or drink except coke. Here’s a full video shot by a rescue diver.

The diver’s voice sounds funny because they use a mixture of helium and air to breathe in their equipment. And Helium makes your voice sound like that.

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