Awesci stands for, or was meant to stand for – Awesome Science

Well, now I feel like it is sort of a dumb way to write Awesome Science in a “shorter, easier to remember way.” But it is what it is. I don’t care too much about the name.

A formal description

of this blog, or as they say, “content website,” covering its “value proposition, customer segment / target audience and the problem it is solving, in less than 140 characters” goes as follows:

Awesci is a compendium of awe eliciting and entertaining articles mixed with Science-101s for curious minds to waste time sensibly.

Yes, that is what the social media and SEO gurus say it should be. As if it was ever a problem for people to not be able to waste time sensibly.

More about the blog later…

All articles, at least till date this was published, are written by me.

Hi, I am Anupum Pant.

That’s me helping Ed get his tuning right.

The creator and writer at this content website. Anything related to this website is and has been always dealt by me, and only me. There’s no team (at least till now).

I’m a serious person, who talks less, enjoys studying subjects deeply and loves three things passionately – Science, food and Graphic Designing. I’m also a huge fan of minimalism in graphics as well as in life (if it wasn’t clear from the looks of this website). Also, I get inspired by human achievement and appreciate fine work that takes years to accomplish.

I just graduated from Arizona State University as a Masters Student in Materials Science and Engineering. I met amazing people and got my first hands on experience with real research here. It was fun and very enlightening period of my life.


I worked hard at academics and research, and was proportionately rewarded with straight ‘A’s and about 8 published papers in various big Journals (Google Scholar).

From September 2016 I am excited about joining University of Washington as a Ph.D student.

If it is of any interest to you, my research was about two-dimensional materials. You can ask me if you’d like to know more about it.

I have no idea what keyword research or SEO is.

I write what I feel like writing about. To be honest, the process is more like – I decide on a topic, research about it for an hour, deem it “not so interesting,” move on to another and repeat. A time usually comes when I finally land on something and really go into that flow of researching, taking notes and writing. I don’t like being disturbed when I’m there. That’s what ends up being a post.

In October 2013 when I started Awesci,

I made it a rule for me to write an article everyday. I did that very diligently for some time, for like 1.45 years. And then it started to feel like a chore. This was the time when I used to quickly get done with some content. As a result, the quality of my articles became bad. I clearly needed a creative break and rethink Awesci’s values, because inferior articles is not what it stands for.

And after exactly 2 years of posting something every day, I stopped.

Now I plan to write when I feel like it, but still I hope to write at least two articles a week. But then the thoughts like, articles are not consumed at the rate I write, also trouble me occasionally. One comprehensively researched article a month I feel, is something my audience would treat like an event and come to read.

The old about page

AweSci.com is a one-man science magazine where the articles published, aren’t restricted to a narrow domain of science. Rather, they belong to a range of appealing topics which cover fascinating aspects of engineering, earth science, space, medicine, computing etc. Normally I cover topics that aren’t very popular, yet are interesting. In short, they’re designed to appeal to any person who is curious enough.

You can follow the Facebook page from the right sidebar or subscribe from here.

If you’d like to know more about me, suggest something, send an article or just talk, you can check out the FAQ page, drop me an email at indigoanalysis@gmail.com or get in touch through Twitter. I love to hear from people and will reply to every message (as long as I’m not too famous).

Troll’s please keep your messages / comments in your pocket. Your messages or comments will not be responded to. Instead they will go to the trash directly. Constructive criticism will be appreciated.


Donating = Loving

A small donation worth a single cup of coffee from you can be the difference between this website existing or not. If you like this, please consider buying me a cup of coffee:

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