Sharks Living in a Volcano

By Anupum Pant

Science gets really interesting when you go posing one question and come out with a ton of other new questions. This kind of a chest of questions opened up when this team of NatGeo researchers decided to lower a camera into an active volcano which has a summit that’s 66 feet under water – Kavachi submarine volcano. What they found was nothing less than extraordinary.

The acidic sea, as they thought, would be interesting to see around here, they never expected to see a variety of sharks and other fish living in the crater of this active volcano which keeps bursting out every now and then.

No one had ever though there can be animals living inside active volcanoes. They apparently have no reason to take a risk like that because it would blow them to bits if it erupted, and that can happen any time. How do they know when to leave? and so many more questions…

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