Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy

By Anupum Pant

As hard as it may sound and the very fact that there hasn’t been a good one commercially available yet, actually making a holographic display is not very hard if you have a few pieces of plastic (an old CD case) lying around. Yes, that is all you need. Here’s how you can do it at home…

When you are trying to prove someone wrong on the internet, you might not be arguing properly because of a simple fallacy which might be undercutting your own claims. It’s better understood through this parable – That is how it gets its name.

Let’s say a Texan randomly shoots some rounds on a wooden wall. Then he goes to the wall and finds a small area with maximum number of holes and draws a bulls-eye around it. This makes him look like a sharpshooter who shot a couple of shots right in the bulls-eye.

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