One Tree, Forty Different Fruits

By Anupum Pant

Certain kinds of similar trees can be grafted onto each other into a single tree which produces all of the grafted fruits. For example oranges and lemons trees can be grafted onto each other, but not apple and oranges.

In fact there is a company I found on the internet that sells such trees. They call them the fruit salad trees. Usually such companies stop at a point where they have about 6-8 different fruits grafted on to a single tree.

However, one person, Sam Van Aken wanted to save a few varieties of fruits which could have otherwise been lost for ever. He grafted 40 of the stone fruit trees together. As a result, now there’s this one amazing tree that bears 40 kinds of stone fruits. It’s called the 40 fruit tree. It’s apricots, peaches, almonds, cherries etc all growing on a single tree!

Another interesting thing about it that it is a very normal looking tree until the spring, and when it blossoms, it turns into a tree full of crimson and pink colours. Here’s how it looks in the spring.


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