Science’s Quick Guide to Eating Right

By Anupum Pant

Aaron from healthcare triage, one of the many science channels I love, spends most of the time on his videos talking about how most popular dietary plans purported to be the best aren’t really backed by science. Today however, he shares what really is good for you and backed by science. And I completely agree and do what he says.

First Rule: Buy food that hasn’t been prepared, cooked or altered. Yes, anything that is even slightly artificial – as a rule, try to things that come from the earth (grown) to you as fast as possible, without anything happening to it in between – just ingredients. That means an orange is far far better than a glass of100% natural and preservative free orange juice.

Second Rule: You can’t go completely ground to mouth. You do have to rely on artificial foods for some extent. For that, just keep it to the minimum.

Third Rule: Cook at home. That helps you stick to the rule one. You are in control of what you put in.

Fourth Rule: Try not to deep fry very often. Also, that doesn’t mean you cut fat completely – those processed foods saying completely free of any fat, are nothing but the very artificial foods you must avoid. Eat real butter.

Fifth Rule: Drink a lot of water. Which doesn’t mean you have to completely cut on coffee, alcohol and other beverages. Just keep it to a minimum. If you ever plan to go crazy one day and get a meal plan at burger king, instead just get the burger – take the free water instead of the coke.

Sixth Rule: Eat with people and eat slow.

Yes, that is all it takes.

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